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Performance Triathlon Coaching provides a premium Stroke Correction service that covers all strokes as well as Private Swim Lessons. Coach Corey has spent over 20 years around swimming pools. A school age champion swimmer himself back in the day and a professional triathlon coach who has developed athletes to a very competitive swimming level. He has spent the last two years refining his swim coaching methods and has dedicated countless hours into becoming a freestyle specialist.

In partnership with Coach Corey is Coach Megan who is a Bronze qualified swim coach and has coached at a number of Clubs in Canberra. Coach Megan will support the Little Ts Triathlon Program and will focus on swim technique across all strokes keeping kids active and healthy and helping them to become better swimmers whether for fitness or competitively.

Coach Megan is passionate about swimming and has coached State swimmers and has an ability to motivate and pull a squad together while still having fun. Coach Megan is Mum to two boys, one who is a swimmer so she understands the pathways of competition and the good and hard times that comes with that. A swimmer herself, she swims most days as she says ‘once a swimmer always a swimmer, its in your DNA’.

Freestyle Stroke Correction – Swim with Purpose

Performance Triathlon Coaching will help you make the change your hard work and dedication deserves by investing in a premium stroke correction service – a private 1-2-1 Video Analysis and Stroke Correction Session that can help keep you moving well through the water or you may wish to come along and try one of our swim squad sessions.

Coach Corey will guide you through a comprehensive 90+ minute consultation which includes:

  • complete HD video capture
  • full recorded analysis to take home for later review
  • a thorough stroke correction component with radio assisted communication between the coach and you whilst totally submerged in the water
  • a training plan to ensure you maximise your application of your new stroke going forwards.

A video analysis consultation is perfect if you have unanswered questions about why you might have plateaued in your swim performance, or to find out if what you’re doing in your swim training sessions is the most efficient way for you to personally improve. Some coaches can identify faults but often don’t know how to correct them.

A freestyle stroke correction session is suitable for any level of swimmer – from those of you learning to swim the freestyle stroke for the first time, to those looking to break world records. You cannot undervalue how important it is to get yourself off on the right track even if you are just getting into swimming. Don’t waste hours of your time thrashing up and down the pool with poor technique.

This premium service has been conducted with countless swimmers who have dramatically improved their swimming from just one or two sessions with Coach Corey.

Private Swim Lessons (7 years to adults)

Private one-on-one lessons are available regardless of your swimming ability. Coach Corey and Coach Megan are happy to provide this premium service for swimmers wanted to learn to swim, improve on other strokes and even help you improve your times. Invest in yourself and book a session now or contact Coach Corey if you have further questions.

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