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Online Triathlon Coaching

Performance Triathlon Coaching provides two streams of online coaching. The key one is through a personalised online tailored training program using Training Peaks software. Regardless of where you are in the world, professional quality coaching will be provided. You may even be local but have a very busy lifestyle trying to juggle work and family. If this is you then a tailored program that fits your schedule will be developed using Training Peaks and monitored on a regular basis by Coach Corey.

The other option is to purchase a more generic program that will give you a consistent training foundation for competing in your first triathlon whether it is a Super Sprint or Ironman. The key thing is to start today, to build your fitness and confidence in swim, bike and run, which prepares you for the thrill of the sport of triathlon.

The Online Coaching team limit has just opened up to 10 athletes so contact Coach Corey now.

Triathlon Programs and Swim Programs

Contact Coach Corey for program options

  • 8 week SuperSprint/Sprint Distance Program – $190
  • 12 week Standard / Half Distance Program – $285
  • 16 week Half / Ironman Distance Program – $380

Online Swim Programs

If you enjoy swimming solo and at your leisure but looking for some structure, then purchase one of these great swim programs developed by Coach Corey. These structured swim programs will surely keep you motivated and guide you to develop your swimming to a competent level.

If you are unsure of which program is best suited to you and your current level of fitness and skill, get in contact with Coach Corey to advise you on which program will benefit you most.

Included with the swim program are the swim drill videos. These will help you to complete the swim drills correctly through visual learning.

Obviously any programs can be purchased and are all slightly different. Enjoy.

4 WEEK SWIM PROGRAM (2-4 SWIMS A WEEK) – wahoo that is up to 12-16 swim sessions a month

Beginner – Super Sprint/Sprint (1000-1600m) – 2 / 3 Sessions p/w -$40 a month

Intermediate – Sprint/Standard (1800-2500m) 3 / 4 Sessions p/w – $45 a month

Advance – Standard/Half/Ironman (3000-5000m) 3 / 4 Sessions p/w – $50 a month

Contact Coach Corey for program information

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