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Please click on the drill that you wish to see in action. If you have any further questions don’t hesitate to contact Coach Corey or visit Swim Smooth

A big thanks to Paul Newsome from Swim Smooth for putting these videos on youtube as I have enjoyed working with Swim Smooth. I strongly recommend their methods and drills to improve your freestyle swimming.

Scull #1

Scull #2 (Mid Scull)

Scull #3 (Rear Scull)

Coming Soon

Scull Progression

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Side Kick

6 Kick Switch (6/1/6)’

6/3/6 + 6/5/6 – if 6/5/6 then the same as 6/3/6 except 5 strokes instead of 3. One of my favourite drills.

Broken Arrow

Doggy Paddle

Unco and P Unco – P Unco is the same just with paddles


3sec Pause (3 staged single arm alternate) – this drill is done slow and focuses on the setup (phase 1), mid point (phase 2) and rear end of the stroke (phase 3)

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