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If you enjoy swimming solo and at your leisure but looking for some structure, then purchase a professionally structured swim program for your needs.  Developed by Coach Corey who has over 10 years in the swim coaching space. These swim sessions will surely keep you motivated and also develop your swimming to a competent level.

Included with the swim program are the swim drill videos. These will help you swim the drills correctly through visual learning as well as access to Training Peaks software. This can be accessed on you computer or any mobile device.

Swim programs are up loaded weekly for the following week and based around the level of swimmer or distance training for. Programs for short course, long course, technique, speed, endurance etc can be purchased and provided to you via Training Peaks software.

Monthly Swim Programs – 3 Sessions p/w -$60 a month – contact Coach Corey to arrange your swim program today and/or go to the registration page to purchase your program.