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If you enjoy swimming solo and at your leisure but looking for some structure, then purchase one of these great swim programs developed by Coach Corey. These will surely keep you motivated and also develop your swimming to a competent level.

Included with the swim program are the swim drill videos. These will help you swim the drills correctly through visual learning.

Swim programs are in blocks of 4 weeks and based around the level of swimmer or distance training for. Obviously any programs can be purchased and are all slightly different. Enjoy.

Swim programs online – new swim programs are uploaded on the 1st of each month so keep coming back.


4 WEEK SWIM PROGRAM (2-4 SWIMS A WEEK) – wahoo that is up to 12-16 swim sessions a month

Beginner – Super Sprint/Sprint (1000-1600m) – 2 / 3 Sessions p/w -$40 a month – contact Coach Corey to arrange. Programs will be available on line soon.


Coming soon

Intermediate – Sprint/Standard (1800-2500m) 3 / 4 Sessions p/w – $45 a month

Advance – Standard/Half/Ironman (3000-5000m) 3 / 4 Sessions p/w – $50 a month