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Little T’s Triathlon & Swimming

Little T’s is a fun triathlon training program that introduces kids to the sport of triathlon and the only kids triathlon program of its kind in Canberra. Even if your son/daughter swims in a squad, cycles with a club or runs with a run group, or participate in other team sports they can still do triathlon. Little T’s gives them the opportunity to develop and learn a range of basic motor skills which can benefit their other sports. Combine them and ‘tri’ a sport that provides an opportunity to participate in 3 sports rather than one.

There are two options available to participate in Little T’s training sessions and that is to be a part of their swim squad and/or the weekend triathlon program.

TriSwim Monthly Fees (includes both swim and triathlon session) – $100 now until the end of September. (5 weeks)

Monthly fees paid on the 1st of each month – $100 per Little T :)

Little T’s Swimming ONLY

The weekday swim squad is for Little T’s aged between 7 and 13 and is coached by Coach Megan who is a Bronze qualified swim coach and has coached at a number of Clubs in Canberra. Coach Megan will focus on swim technique across all strokes keeping kids active and healthy and helping them to become better swimmers whether for fitness or competitively.

Coach Megan is passionate about swimming and has coached State swimmers and has an ability to motivate and pull a squad together while still having fun. Coach Megan is Mum to two boys, one a swimmer so she understands the pathways of competition and the good and hard times that comes with that. A swimmer herself, she swims most days as she says ‘once a swimmer always a swimmer, it’s in your DNA’

Little T’s Swim Schedule

Monday 4.30 – 5.30pm – Swim – Stromlo Leisure Centre
Thursday 4.30 – 5.30pm – Swim – Stromlo Leisure Centre

Monthly Fees  Swim Only – $60 now until end of September (5 weeks). 

Monthly fees paid on the 1st of each month – $60 per Little T :)

Little T’s Triathlon ONLY

The weekend allows for the bike and run to be introduced and this is led by Coach Corey who has spent over 10 years developing junior triathletes to as high as representing Australia at an elite junior level. Sessions are held at either Stromlo Forest Park or at other venues around Canberra. For the convenience of families’ busy lifestyles sessions are for an hour only and in the afternoons to ensure there is no impact on other sports the kids may participate in.

Communication is via facebook messenger on the Little T’s Triathlon message group so contact us now if interested and we will add you so you know when the next session will be held.

Little T’s Triathlon Schedule

Note: sessions from June through to August are weather dependant. Please contact Coach Corey to see when sessions are held during these months.

Tuesday 5.45 – 6.30pm – Run (daylight savings only)
Sunday 2.45 – 4pm – Swim, Bike, Run – Stromlo Leisure Centre/Stromlo Forest Park

Monthly Fees Triathlon Only – $45 now until end of September (5 weeks) 

Monthly fees paid on the 1st of each month – $45 per Little T :)


Come and join us and prepare yourself for the Little T’s Series 20/21

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