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If you enjoy the company of like-minded athletes and looking for consistent feedback, then look at joining the Performance Triathlon Coaching team. There are numerous sessions that bring the team together each week to benefit all levels and ages.

The team provides a sense of comradery and enjoyment which makes the training environment unmatched. Coach Corey is very passionate about triathlon and lives and breathes the rush of producing not only champions but also helping athletes to improve within their own performance environment.

PTC also knows how to have fun. The team enjoy not only training together, but also enjoy attending away races, training camps and social events together.

5 Coaching Spaces left

PTC is limited to 25 coached athletes, 15 Face-to-Face athletes and 10 online athletes to ensure quality coaching and focus is given to each individual. This number includes athletes within the Canberra Junior Triathlon Development Academy.