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Corey Bacon is one of Australia’s leading performance coaches who thrives on developing and committing to all athletes improvements. All past and present athletes have achieved their results through Corey’s consistent commitment to their development. While every athlete may be different, their desires are the same. It doesn’t matter what level you are, Corey has a passion of triathlon like no other.

Monique de Abreu - 30

2 x 1st Overall Female podiums in 70.3
Ranked no.1 in the World 2020 IM 70.3 (2529 age group)

I can’t thank Corey enough for what he has helped me achieve since joining PTC. I originally joined PTC as a social avenue when I moved to Canberra for work. I had participated in a few triathlons for fun in high school, and was just looking for a group of people to keep active with. However, over the three years I've been with PTC under Corey's guidance, I have developed so much as an athlete and have achieved results I had never thought possible; my proudest being the overall age group win at the 70.3 Ironman in Port Macquarie. Corey's belief in me as an athlete and his continued commitment to my development has given me the confidence to set myself some ambitious goals, and I'm excited to go after them knowing I've got the right support and guidance from both Corey and the PTC squad.

Jesse Hansen - 20

52nd 70.3 IM World Championships, Nice, France 1824 age group

I have been doing triathlons since I was very young at school but since early 2019 I decided to focus on it as my one true sporting love. I've found an incredible family and Corey has been there for me through thick and thin. In my first year with the team, Corey was able to get me to qualify for the Ironman 70.3 World Champs and race competitively over in Europe. His individualised training and one on one coaching was exactly what I was looking for. His dedication, wealth of knowledge and experience coupled with an incredibly strong love for the sport has given me great confidence in where the sport may take me in the coming years.

I love the immense challenge of the race itself but also the challenge that comes with training for three sports every day. Becoming a better athlete every day, physically and mentally is very addictive!

Chloe Bateup - 16

1st Overall ITU AJTS 1619 elite female 2020
2nd Australian Junior Championships, Devonport 2020

Corey’s investment in me and the rest of the team is something I have never experienced. He enforces a hard working but fun training environment and has always had me ready to race. My development has been gradual but Corey has managed this perfectly ensuring that I don’t overdo it and keeps me fit and healthy. To be at the top of my sport is very rewarding and motivating to do better. Moving forward with the support and expertise of Corey and the squad is something I'm looking forward to.

Shaun Harris - 16

15th Australian Junior Championships, Devonport 2020

One of the great things about being part of a team like Performance Triathlon Coaching is the friendship and having others around to push you regardless of what discipline it is. The ability to test yourself against the clock and being supported to do the best you can do regardless of the result.

Taj Hutchinson - 16

I recently spent 2 years attending school in the USA and competing in triathlon. Now back in Australia Corey has welcomed me back with open arms. I came back to Corey because he is a great coach and understands me and what I want to do in the sport. Although training online Corey provides structure and sessions that continue to challenge me as an athlete. PTC is my team and to still be a part of it is super awesome. I love training with both people my own age, including the other elite juniors in the team and adult triathletes who set the bar high for me. Corey is a great coach and tailors my training according to my needs and abilities. The members of the PTC squad are heaps of fun to train with, and they are all really encouraging.

Jack Young - 15

2nd Overall Super Sprint, Kurnell and 1st 1415 age 2020
3rd Overall Super Sprint, Husky and 2nd 1415 age 2020

I have been coached by Corey for two years. I am still learning the craft of the sport but it is definitely my passion and I love training with PTC. I had never really been on a bike before, but Corey was patient and accepting of where my skill level was at and has really helped me improve my technical skills, strength and conditioning on the bike. Corey is a great role model to me and the squad and someone I really look up to. I like that he stays fit to be able to ride with us so that he can provide constant advice and feedback. He is passionate about the sport and committed to putting in the effort to help his athletes achieve their goals, and helping me get a little bit better, every day.

Joshua Silverwood - 15

7th Overall ITU AJTS 1415 elite youth male 2020
1st Overall Wollongong Super Sprint 2019

Corey’s passion for the sport and the athletes he coaches is exceptional. He works with the athlete to help them achieve the best of their abilities. Each day I get better as both an athlete and a person, all thanks to Corey’s dedication to improving me and his team. Corey makes the effort to benefit the athlete even when they aren’t feeling it that day. This is why I’m glad to be part of Corey’s team as he is passionate about me improving and becoming the best that I can be.

Bonnie Young - 11

4th 1213 age Super Sprint, Kurnell 2020
1st Overall Husky Try Stars Female 2020

Corey is an amazing coach. I am much younger than most of the other athletes and I know that he goes to extra effort so that I can also do the training sessions, which I love. I love Litte T’s and have made some really great friends. Corey is really good with the younger kids and doing Little Ts in the last two years has really encouraged me to aim for more and I am looking forward to re-starting competitions! I think Corey is very good to put up with me.

Chloe Fenson - 11

1st Overall female Proximity Kids Long Race, Canberra 2020

After moving from level 5 women's artistic gymnastics last year, I have been constantly supported by my Tri team and most of all my coach Corey. He has always been there for me and spends so much of his time making not just me but EVERYONE in PTC a better Triathlete. I am so grateful for everything he does and i'm so excited to do more training, and enter more triathlons with such an amazing coach! PTC has made me feel at home and I love how I can look up towards the older team members, and even help the newer members. Corey makes training so much fun and I love the sport so much! I was so anxious the first time I had to try a lake swim and put my face in the water but Corey made it really amazing especially after his motivation and encouragement.

Anthony Moore - 43

I have been competing in triathlons on and off for over 25 years having completed 14 Ironman’s over the last decade with some success. I had started to get discouraged and lost a lot of confidence as my times were getting slower and I wasn't recovering like I used to. I sought out Corey to assist me with improving my Ironman triathlon training in July 2018. When Corey began coaching me I wasn’t prepared for just how thorough, supportive and approachable he is. He took the time to get to know me personally and understand my goals and commitments outside of training, a rare character trait amongst coaches.

Corey’s programs are easy to understand and structured. Corey provides the weeks training plan that he tailors for me well in advance to ensure my training load works in with my schedule and I am prepared for the sessions. For me, it was important my sessions were designed to meet my individual needs and progression. Corey far exceeded my expectations in giving me a variety of sessions that challenged me and improved my performance week to week. I could not recommend Corey more highly. Thank you for everything.

Jana Petr - 24

Corey is truly amazing, not only as a very experienced and super supportive coach but also as a person in general. I started to work with Corey shortly before my semester abroad in Canberra and felt welcome from the very first minute. Corey always has the bigger picture in mind and will help you to achieve your goals and improve your overall performance through honest and consistent work while maintaining the fun and love for the sport.

Cate Chandler - 26

I'm new to PTC and I'm new to triathlon after recently competing in my first half distance triathlon. I have chosen to train under Corey as I have only heard positive comments about his coaching and his results over the years are amazing. I know with his help I will be able to achieve my goals of doing my first Ironman distance triathlon next year. I'm also excited to train with such a talented team.

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