Triathlon Abroad Australia

Triathlon Abroad Australia – est 2018

Triathlon Abroad Australia is a triathlon program and opportunity open to Australian and International elite junior/U23 athletes between the age of 17-22 years. The triathlon programs will provide athletes with  the opportunity to train and compete in the Australian Junior/U23 Triathlon Series over a two-three month period across the Australian summer and then European Junior Cup and/or European Cup events over a 6 to 8 week tour, through June/July of each year.

International athletes would arrive in December to commence the Australian season starting with an ITU Super Sprint over 3 days on the beautiful Gold Coast at Runaway Bay. This is followed by a series of events around Australia between December and March. Other ITU racing opportunities are also available within Australia and/or New Zealand.

Australian junior/U23 athletes will travel to Europe June/July to compete in up to 4 European events including European Cup event (if eligible) over a 6-8 week period. The number of events will vary each year.

Both International and Australian elite juniors get the experience through Triathlon Abroad to compete against some of the best juniors/U23 athletes in the World. An opportunity that puts athletes in a unique position to experience different cultures, travelling and being part of a small super junior/U23 elite team which is supported by Performance Triathlon Coaching and its head coach Corey Bacon.

Corey has extensive experience developing Elite Juniors to U23/elite competition including World Championships and is the former Australian Paralympic Rio Gold Medal triathlon coach. He has won multiple Australian Coach of the Year awards. All athletes are in very capable hands and full transparency is assured with all home coaches during their athletes journey with Triathlon Abroad Australia. Home coaches are encouraged to be a part of this journey.

Please note that there are limited spots available for International and Australian athletes each year. To be a part of the Triathlon Abroad Australia Program for 2020 and/or for further information please contact Coach Corey –

2013 – Juan Sebastián Rubio – Rubes – Colombia

“When you are a pro triathlete you always are looking for progress and knowledge, Coach Corey is that balance that I was looking for, we start working in my weaknesses and racing as an exams for continue progress, great Coach and a amazing person that it’s all about this.

Thankfully him help me to learn how to race, manage my strength and develop each part of the 3 disciplines of the triathlon all in 4 months. His ‘alma Mather’ comes from Darren Smith also great coach with good results. Thanks Coach for all hope, see you soon again.”

2019 Athletes

2019 – Angelique Moller – South Africa

2018 Athletes

2018 – Gezelde Strauss – South Africa

“I went over to Australia to learn what its like to be a professional triathlete and thats exactly what I got. Coach Corey never stopped teaching me about all the little things that makes a big difference in the sport. You would think that triathlon is only swim,bike and run, but its not its so much more than that, its a job from the moment you wake up till the moment you go to bed. 

I also got to join an amazing group of athletes who took me in as one of their own. They are all fun and exciting to be around and have such a great passion for the sport. PTC is a talented squad where everyone can learn and push everyone else to be better than what they were yesterday and in all of that you still find yourself to have a bit of fun along the way. 

In my 3 months of being in Australia, I got to race some off their best junior girls. I had some good races and some bad races, but Corey kept me on my toes and got me to realize that I can learn something from every race, no matter what the outcomes are. 

I am proud to say that I will be joining the Europe tour in June 2018 where we will be 6 girls making history together. Its going to be one hell of an experience and I can’t wait to live it.”

2018 – Jana Petr – Switzerland