PTC Nutrition

With the hours spent training, it is essential to also consider your nutrition – both during daily training and on race day. One of PTC’s sponsors – Compeat Nutrition – is a nutrition service with a performance focus. As friends of PTC, our sponsorship allows you to receive 20% discount on all our services.

As it is online-based, services are primarily provided via email and phone/Skype as needed. However, we also can meet to discuss and also make appointments for body composition assessments. Services are packaged together to meet your needs, however we are always more than happy to work with you to find a program that matches your requirements.

For full details on all the services on offer, please go to or see below for some of the packages on offer:

Compeat Program: Personal Nutrition Assessment + 6 week Nutrition Plan

An individualised package that allows you to not only assess your current intake, but also provides a specific 6 week nutrition plan that is periodised to your own training program, body composition goals and lifestyle demands.


  • Including body composition assessment: $280 (Usually $350)
  • Not including body composition assessment: $248 (Usually $310)

Personalised Nutrition Assessment

Also part of the Compeat Package, this is an option without the specific nutrition plans. Perfect for those just needing a few tweaks to their current intake or feeling they need a nutrition ‘check-up’ to ensure they are getting the balance right. 


  • $120 (Usually $150)

Compeat Race Day Package

Optimising your nutrition for race day can be a key component in gaining that winning edge against your competitors & achieving a personal best performance. Race day nutrition may be the best investment you make for your upcoming event or competition season.


  • $100 (Usually $125)

Compeat Endurance Package

As any endurance athlete knows, training for such an event takes a good dose of commitment and isn’t without compromise. For an event lasting longer than 90mins, there are some key nutrition strategies that you can incorporate to maximise performance. Considering your nutrition prior to race day also ensures that all your valuable time and hard work is not left to chance. 


  • $136 (Usually $170)

Body Composition Assessment

This includes a full assessment of weight and sum of 7 skinfolds. From this, we can estimate fat mass and monitor change in body composition over time.


  • Initial: $50 (Usually $75)
  • Follow-Up: $40 (Usually $50)

For any further questions or to contact us to get started on a program, email us at