PTC Coaching

Performance Triathlon Coaching (PTC) specializes in performance based personalized coaching and online coaching where your performance is the key focus for our coaching staff.

It doesn’t matter what level you are we want to help you reach those goals. Our online programs are tailored to individual’s needs. If you want structure and a quality program from qualified highly experienced “Performance” and “Development” coaches then PTC is for you.

PTC lives and breathes triathlon and all athletes are motivated and dedicated to their training which makes for a professional training environment and culture. PTC athletes ‘dream’ of being a champion, they ‘believe’ in their ability to be a champion, and they ‘succeed’ in achieving their goals which makes them a champion.

PTC also knows how to have fun and enjoy not only training together but attending away races and social events together. It is not just all about triathlon.

Please contact Coach Corey at regarding fee structure and coaching options.

If you wish to contact the coaches we are available to answer all your questions through our contact us page.

Personalized face to face coaching

PTC consists of Ironman, 70.3, ITU Youth/Juniors/U23, Cross Tri, and national podium age groupers.

If you are interested in this type of coaching please contact Coach Corey to discuss.

PTC also consists of novice and age group athletes at all levels and distances. Anyone can join.

If you are interested join the club now and we will see you at training. If you would like further information contact Coach Corey at

Online coaching

Online coaching is available – please contact Coach Corey for further information.

Coach Corey Bacon – Performance – Level 2 Triathlon Coach

Coach Gavin Brown – Development – Level 1 Triathlon Coach

Coach Jen Davis – Development – Level 1 Triathlon Coach